Envelope Making Solution
Envelope Making Solution
Paper--Offset Printing Machine--Single Color Offset Printing Machine (Economic)--Two Color Offset Printing Machine--Guillotine--High quality --Normal--Economic
  • Paper
  • Single Color Offset Printing Machine (Economic)
  • Two Color Offset Printing Machine
Guillotine--Economic Guillotine -OR-Normal Guillotine -OR-High quality Guillotine Line
  • Economic Guillotine
  • Normal Guillotine
  • High quality Guillotine Line
Hydraulic Die Cutter -OR- Automatic Die cutter.
  • Hydraulic Die Cutter
  • Automatic Die cutter.

Step4:(Optional for envelope with window)

Window Patching Machine for thin paper
  • ZF-480B ZF480D
Envelope Making Machine (for both wallet and pocket) OR Pocket Making Machine--Finished Envelopes
  • Envelope Making Machine
  • Pocket Making Machine
  • Finished Envelopes