SGZ-1200Z-A Series Dual-Purose High-Speed Coating Machine
SGZ-1200Z-A Series Dual-Purose High-Speed Coating Machine
SGZ-1200Z-A Series Dual-Purose High-Speed Coating Machine
  • Elegant appearance, stable design, humanized operation, versatile function,sophisticated technology and safety design, the V series automatic coating machine will meet the needs of your high-quality coating and efficient production environmentally.

  • Product Description

1.  Automatic feeding section

  • High-speed stable feeder free from maintenance is adopted.Paper truck can directly enter feeding table to increase working efficiency.There are movable guide rails, and manual feeding table for paper size that feeder could not work with.

  • ●Option: non-stop pre-pile paper system with high- efficiency.

2. UV coating section

  • This section adopts integrated casting structure of high processing precision, deforming-resistant, fast and stable running safety performance. The organicglass cover avoid powder and paint volatilization. There are coating ways of opposite direction running and same direction running according to needs.

  • ● Option: double side coating system. The imported scraper system permits coating paper clean on the back side and improves the oil fog problem on back side.

3. IR hot-wind drying system

  • High-efficiency hot-wind system permit water-based coating faster and more purely, hot-wind could be adjusted endlessly.

4. UV curing section

  • This section is compressed of lamps,air cooling and exhausting systems.Sheets coated by UV varnish will be dried here.


  • Jogging times can be set and pneumatic joggers keep sheets delivered Orderly.Safety system decrease scrap amounts.Pre-delivery table makes stacker more conveniently.

Main specification



Max. paper size

1040x1200mm (40.9"x47.2")

Min. paper size

307x440mm (12"x17.3")

Max. speed

8000 sph

Paper weight


No.  * UV Lamp




Overall dimensions


No. x IR lamp


Total electric consumption


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